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The aim of this course is to recognize different ways a person thinks and responds to any situation. The course is to improve and change inner traits like Attitude, Confidence, Deportment and Perception. It also comprises of improving physical appearance, grooming body language and steering students towards a positive approach in life.

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Duration – 90 Days | Classroom Training 

Learn Personality Development from basics in this online/Offline training Session. This Personality Development course is taught hands-on by experts. Learn about Innate Leadership Qualities, Team Building, Communication Skills, Public Speaking, Emotional Intelligence, Self Improvement Skills, Career Development Skills, and Interpersonal Communication.

SWOT Analysis, Inner Personality Development, Role of motivation & body language, Filling the GAP (G – Grooming, A – Attitude, P – Personality)

Join the best personality development classes in India. Anyone interested in learning the basics of Personality Development can get started with this course.

Training Include in Personality Development

Public Speaking

Whether at a work meeting or a family gathering, public speaking can be intimidating. While practice can help, there are techniques that people can learn to become effective communicators. Sharpen your skills with online public speaking courses.

English Speaking

Learn English like never before! Indulge in activities, games and a lot more. Make language learning a fun & learn experience with qualified, well-trained and experienced teachers! English training programs that help you achieve 100% potential in your professional, social and personal life.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are essential in business and in life. Imagine yourself feeling comfortable and confident anytime you have to communicate with colleagues, bosses, customers, prospects, or clients. You can quickly walk and talk like someone who has experienced communication skills, not a beginner.

Crack an Interview

Cracking an INTERVIEW is a core skill! Learn the HACKS to do it well and you can turbo-launch your professional life! Strengthen the skills that help you Crack Every Interview you face from the masters who have helped lakhs excel in doing this…

What is Personality Development ?

Personality is a characteristic way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. A research study by psychologists at the University of Illinois suggests that we can change our personality traits provided we want to change them. 

You can become the best version of yourself if you want to. A version that reverberates confidence, enthusiasm, and serenity. The kind that makes you stand out and help you get what you want in life. Is there a formula to develop a personality like that? Let us find out.

Teaching Methodology

  • Interactive & activity based classroom sessions
  • Use of ICT & audio-visual aids
  • Listening sessions in computer based language laboratory
  • Discussions
  • Pair Work
  • Role plays
  • Presentations

Co-curricular Activities

  • Master Class in Communication
  • Movie Club
  • Readers’ Circle
  • Speakers’ Club 
  • English over Tea
  • Hinglish-Minglish

Additional Workshops

  • Vocabulary in Use
  • Resume / Email Writing
  • Group Discussion 
  • Personal Interview
  • Mock Interview
  • Presentation Skills

Personality Development: 6 reasons why it is important for you

Here’s a list outlining the reasons why personality development and soft skills are crucial in the contemporary world:

  1. Enhanced employability: A strong personality increases your chances of success in today’s competitive job market. By developing your personality, you can stand out among qualified candidates and seize more employment opportunities.
  2. Increased self-awareness: Personal growth relies on self-awareness. Personality development allows you to understand your strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to focus on areas that require improvement. 
  3. Improved confidence: Working on soft skills and personal development enhances your self-worth and confidence. Acquiring new skills or honing existing ones empowers you and boosts your self-assurance.
  4. Effective communication: Communication plays a vital role in our interactions with others. By enhancing your ability to communicate effectively, you can build rapport, resolve conflicts, and navigate various situations with ease.
  5. Goal achievement: Personal development skills propel you towards your life goals. By working on yourself, you become better equipped to overcome obstacles and work diligently towards achieving your aspirations.
  6. Stress reduction: Engaging in personality development fosters a positive self-perception. Through personal growth, you learn to let go of worries about circumstances beyond your control. Adopting an action-oriented and goal-focused mindset allows you to approach life’s challenges calmly and pragmatically.

Remember, personality development is an ongoing process that enables continuous growth and adaptability in the modern world.

Program Benefits

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