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How to Advertise on Facebook to Grow Your Business Exponentially?

Facebook Advertising is a system that is designed in such a way that it helps the advertisers to gather data and work on it. The advertisements created on Facebook, target the users based on certain factors like the profile information, the demographics, location of the user, and interests, etc.

This article will prove to be a kick start for all the beginners to learn how Facebook Advertising works and will definitely help the business owners who want to expand their online network.

So without wasting any further minute let’s get started:

What is the need for Advertising on Facebook?

Let’s start with the discussion of reasons to Advertise online on Facebook.

Effectiveness – We all know that Facebook is a part of almost everyone’s life nowadays. Our day starts with Good Morning posts on Facebook followed by the daily happenings in people’s life. With more than 1.5 billion daily active users, everything on Facebook eventually becomes a trend.

The reason behind the ranking of it on the top online advertising channels is that it really works. According to a survey, more than 78% of Americans stated that they’ve discovered products through Facebook ads.

Simple Procedure – Less time taking and excellent results for online business. Running advertisements on Facebook is quite simpler than on Google. You just need to log on to your account and set it to a business account with a payment mode updated. You can publish the campaign you want in a couple of minutes without much hustle and also can maintain an eye on the cost per lead but even though it is far better to get it done through a hired digital marketing agency like Sarojson Digital otherwise you may lose prospects and budgets. 

Reach your Target Audience – There are numerous ways that can help you reach your desired audience. These are based on the likes of the user, their behavior on the platform, engagement on Facebook, interests, and demographics.

Every study on social media(generally Facebook), claims that it has an influence on the shopping mindset of consumers. As an advertiser, you are provided with the targeting options which is ideal for reaching your desired audience.

Customizable Advertisement Campaigns – You can customize your experience with the campaigns according to your designs. The reason behind it is the wide range of formats that Facebook provides the advertiser to choose from. 

These are the objectives from which an advertiser can choose whatever suits him/her the best. This is the best feature that is available for customizing advertising campaigns.

How to get started with your Facebook Advertising Account?

Here, is a step-by-step guide on how to get started with your account and advertise. It also includes the Facebook guidelines on working with Facebook Business Manager.

Facebook Business Manager – It is a tool that is particularly designed for managing your Page and ad account. It offers management of access to your Facebook page and advertising accounts and also provides a platform that can be shared with agencies to manage campaigns.

Add a Facebook Page to Business Manager:-

i. Click Business Manager Settings
ii. Click on Accounts>Pages, on the left side of the panel
iii. Click Add Page in the Pages column
iv. Select from the 3 options –
a) Claim a Page
b) Request Access to a Page
c) Create a New Page

Add an Advertising Account to Business Manager:-

i. Click Business Manager Settings
ii. Click on Accounts>Ad Accounts, on the left side of the panel
iii. Click on the blue Add Account in the Ad Account column
iv. Select from the 3 options –
a) Claim Ad Account
b) Request Access to an Ad Account
c) Create a New Ad Account

Set up your Account Info – You can’t start publishing your campaigns until you set up your payment method. It is a one-time procedure and necessary as it will be paying for running your ads.

i. Click on Business Manager
ii. Click on Ad Accounts under ‘Accounts’
iii. Fill up the blanks with the required information.

Set Up your Payment Information:–
i. Click on Ad Account Settings
ii. Click on Payment Settings
iii. Enter your Credit Card or other Payment option details

Note: After the payment setup, you’ll be billed according to the two situations.
i. When the campaigns that are running have already used your threshold amount.
ii. When it is the end of the month if you don’t set the expenditure limit.

Facebook Ad Account Limitations–Even there are numerous benefits of the Facebook ads Manager, there are also some limitations.

i. Up to 25 ad accounts can be managed by a user.
ii. One account can have max. 25 users
iii. Maximum 5000 ads, if not deleted any.
iv. Maximum 1000 ad sets, if not deleted any.
v. Maximum 1000 campaigns, if not deleted any.
vi. One ad set can have up to 50 ads, if not deleted any.

How to Set Up Ad Campaigns on Facebook?

Once you are done with all the above-mentioned procedures, you’ll reach the stage of creating campaigns in the Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook Ads Manager – This is a window in which you can create and manage campaigns. Here, you can:-

i. Create Facebook Ad Campaigns
ii. Develop new Ad sets and advertisements
iii. Manage ad bids
iv. Target different audience
v. Optimize Campaigns
vi. Keep a check on the performance of the campaigns

This picture will help you clear a lot of things that cross your mind when you first open the Ads Manager window.

(1) The main menu for Navigation
(2) Create new Campaigns
(3) Overview of your Account
(4) View Campaigns
(5) View Ad set
(6) View Ads
(7) Columns
(8) Breakdown of the Campaign
(9) Editing and Reporting
(10) Results of the Campaign
(11) Expenditure by Ads

Setting Up an Ad Campaign – If you’re reading this, it is assumed that you are on the Campaigns Tab.
Click on the ‘Create’ button to create an Ad Campaign
After that, you’ll see a page that offers you different objectives from which you have to select one depending on your goal.

List of Campaign Objectives:-
i. Local Awareness
ii. Brand Awareness
iii. Reach
iv. Traffic
v. App Installs
vi. Engagement
vii. Conversions
viii. Lead Generation
ix. Product catalogue sales
x. Video Views
xi. Messages
xii. Store TrafficGet Sarojson Digital Marketing SEO Services

Let’s suppose we are creating a Lead Generation campaign for generating leads.

i. Campaign Naming – After the selection of the objective, the name of the campaign has to be decided. It is important to choose relevant and useful names for the campaign so that the organizing task could be much easier.

ii. Creation of Split Test – A/B Test is available under the Campaign name and this feature allows the user to run experiments and the data is collected which shows the user, best performing placement of audience, and also strategies of optimizing delivery.

iii. Audience Targeting – For every campaign, try using different locations (or various parameters) so that you can easily differentiate between the working and non-working campaigns. Here, in this tab, you can include or exclude any location you want depending on other demographics. When we are done with targeting, Facebook gives us an estimate of the reach based on our selections.

iv. Ad Placement – Where you want your ad to be displayed? Is it only Facebook, or should it be on Instagram as well, and in Instagram, you want them in feeds or stories. For Lead Generation, we use Facebook and Audience Network, as recommended by Facebook.

v. Facebook Ads Setup – This is what the audience will be seeing on their screens, so it definitely needs to be creative. The creation of ads will be the final step of the creation of campaign.

a. You’ll be witnessing two options here, Carousel and Single Image. A single image in an ad is obvious that it consists of a single image that will be visible to the user, in Carousel, you can add multiple images so that the user can scroll through different images.

Now is the time to show your creativity,
b. Upload a relevant image in the ‘upload media’ section that matches your goal and is appealing to your target audience. You’ll be able to upload six versions of your ad so make sure you create slight variations.

c. Select a form that’ll be available for the interested users. In this, you’ll be selecting the format, copy, and style of your form that is to be filled by the user. In the end, don’t forget to customize your Thank You Screen and mention the link to your website.

What is Bidding Optimisation?

This is the main thing here, the budget, the money you’ll be either spending or utilizing to reach your desired goal. Let’s have a look at the structure of Facebook Campaigns.

• A Facebook campaign can have several Ad Sets with a unique objective of the campaign. The campaign acts as a container in which we can manage and organize our Ad Sets easily.
• A Facebook Ad Set can have multiple Ads with unique audience targeting, placement, and budgeting.
• A Facebook Ad is the atomic unit of the campaign and can have different Ad images, Ad copies, and URLs.

It only feels like a hard task while reading because it’s a theory part, when you’ll sit to make a campaign, you won’t even notice what are you even editing.

1) Set Up an Ad Campaign Budget:

There are two Campaign budgeting options given by Facebook:-

i. Daily Budget – This will include the amount that Facebook will be spending per day for delivering your ads during the campaign. While setting up the daily budget for the ad campaign, you are allowing Facebook to get results that are worth the amount that is to be spent daily.

ii. Lifetime Budget – In this budget, Facebook will be dividing the total budget of the campaign across the dates of the campaign. This will help in calculating the average amount that is spent each day.

2) Optimising Ad Delivery:
When you are done selecting the type of budget you want for the campaign, then you come on a stage for selecting the budget for the delivery of an Ad. This tells Facebook about your end goal in which you are most interested.

3) Ad Delivery Type:
It is the last section in the level of Ad Set and is very easy to determine what to choose according to your needs.
i. Standard Delivery – In this type of delivery, the speed of delivering your ads will be optimal and the cost will be the lowest possible.
ii. Accelerated Delivery – In this type of delivery, the speed of the delivery of your ads will be very high, which will eventually result in higher costs for running your ad.

4) Bidding:
When we advertise on Facebook, we compete with thousands of advertisers that are there ready with their ads, with the same goal of reaching their target audience in their minds. Facebook Ad bidding works on the basis of an Auction, like, who is the winner of the bid. It will definitely be the one with the best combination of relevant score and bid. Also, Bidding is of two types –
i. Automatic – If you are a beginner, which obviously you are if you are reading this, you are suggested to use the Automatic bidding option as you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of average bids and costs.
ii. Manual – If the results are the only concern for you and you the worth of your results, then you are definitely suggested to go with the Manual Bidding option as it will allow you to insert a bid in the box.

This was all about Facebook Advertising and we were able to get answers to various questions that were acting as a barrier for us to make use of this technology and feature for growth in our business. I hope all of your doubts regarding the advertisements on Facebook have been cleared through this article.

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